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About Freightage

Freightage was established in 2019, as a result, of seeing so many empty trucks on our Namibian roads. For the carriers, an empty truck is an expense, and for the shippers, it is a missed opportunity.

Freightage is an online platform that effortlessly connects all types of packages with the most convenient carrier. Beneficial to the shipper as you are provided with many options, depending on the need for the shipping of your package, be the cheapest or the fastest option. Beneficial to the carriers as it connects them with a wide spectrum of available loads, streamlining transport of goods.

How We Can Help You

Looking for logistics companies in Namibia? Freightage offers an online solution that links you up with the most convenient carriers that are most suitable to move the goods for you. 

We cater for the transport of all sizes of packages with a particular focus placed on the construction sector where we have a number of trusted carriers with specialized equipment to transport construction material and goods.

We Make Your Goods Move

Freightage aims to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that assists you in the process of moving all types of packages and goods with the most suitable carrier at affordable costs.

Our network of trusted and approved carriers will ensure safe and sound transportation of your goods.

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