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What we Offer

Transportation Of Goods

Freightage offers an online solution that links you up with the most convenient carriers that are most suitable to move the type and size of goods for you. Customers specify the details of the goods including type of goods, weight and size and our online platform displays a list of suitable carriers that can be contacted with the click of a button.

We cater for the transport of all sizes of packages with a particular focus placed on the construction sector where we have a big variety of specialized fleet to cater to your preferences.

Convenient & Efficient Transport

Freightage aims to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution that assists you in the process of moving all types of packages and goods with the most suitable carrier at affordable costs. You can choose your own preferred carrier in the process based on the costing options and type of fleet you prefer.

Our online network of trusted carriers will ensure safe and efficient transportation of your goods to the preferred destination.

For Transportation Carriers

Transportation carriers can apply to be part of our online transportation network in Namibia. All applicants will go through our standard application process and will either be approved or disapproved respectively. Freightage aims to work with trusted carriers that ensure the safe and efficient transportation for the clients goods.