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Increasing Traffic On The Roads
Increasing Traffic On The Roads
Increasing Traffic On The Roads

The Results Of Increasing Traffic On The Roads

Statistics around the world show a growing increase in use of cars & trucks on public roads which is also true for Southern Africa. An estimated 17,00+ people mortalities occur in South-Africa per annum as a result of road traffic injuries which includes more than 3,000 children. In addition, another estimated 68,000 people are seriously injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents. The most fatalities occur in the early evening hour between 18h00 and 20h00 over weekends of which payday weekends are the most prevalent.

How To Reduce Traffic

Public transportation should be encouraged by means of affordable and safe shuttles, busses, airplanes and trains being available to the public. This would reduce the number of cars on the roads which could, in turn, reduce the amounts of motor vehicle accidents.
In addition, it would have a positive impact on the environment as a typical passenger vehicle emits as much as 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
Furthermore, transportation needs to be made more efficient including ensuring that trucks carry the most possible truckload and public transportation likes taxis and shuttles to carry maximum passengers to legal limits to reduce the amount of vehicles.

How Freightage Aims To Contribute

Freightage aims to effortlessly connect all types of packages with the most convenient carrier. Beneficial to the shipper as you are provided with many options, depending on the need for the shipping of your package, be the cheapest or the fastest option. Beneficial to the carriers as it connects them with a wide spectrum of available loads, streamlining transport of goods.